History of the Antler Shed and Lenny Nagel

This whole thing really started when My Dad (Skip Nagel) handed me a set of antlers from a buck he had shot and said," Take good care of these, they are natures art and just like snow flakes, you will never find two alike.

Of course being ten years old and knowing everything, I set out to prove Dad wrong. Years of collecting both by donations and purchases along with a wonderful supportive wife and family and our love and respect for the outdoors, whitetail deer in general, has brought us to where we are today.

We have over 6,000 sets of whitetail antlers on skull caps or full shoulder mounts, and over 3,000 shed antlers. 95% of these are from NYS and the rest from northern PA. These antlers along with hundreds of hunting related artifacts date from the 1880s to present.We are told it is the single largest collection of whitetail antlers in the East and is the largest collection of trophy whitetail qualifying and entered in the NYS Big Buck Club. We are open by appointment and enjoy any and all outdoor enthusiasts, old and young alike.

One of the museum's newest goals is to acquire a set of antlers from every state to include the hunters name and location it was harvested.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trophy Whitetails .. a great collection of Hunters and Outdoor Advocates

Look at this Velvet Buck caught on treecam 23-Aug-2011


Company Overview
If you're a hunter on Facebook you should be a fan of Chasing Trophy Whitetails. We all work together to share pictures, advice and special deals on gear and more.
Our mission is to help others pursue whitetail deer, encourage responsible wildlife management, promote youth involvement and protect hunting rights.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photos ~Len & The Antler Shed~ Summer 2011

35+ recent photos Take 5 minutes to view the wonder on this Picasa web album! Comment and/or upload some of your own "favorites" from Len's work over the past 4 Decades
One of my favorites